An after Wedding into the Wild

18 octobre 2018

I couldn’t expect an other place that the Mercantour National Park to capture this after wedding into the Wild

I met Coraline & Philippe few months after their union for celebrate their after wedding into the Wild !

Both love hiking like I do. So they were not afraid to hike 2 hours in the Mercantour National Park to make an amazing, cold and windy photoshoot into the wild !

The Mercantour National Park is my favorite place in French Riviera. As possible as I can I put on my hiking shoes and go for a hike over there.

Huge is the Mercantour ! And I couldn’t finish to explore every places, every lakes, every summits.

Do you know that it is one of the most beautiful National Park in the world ?

Everywhere in this place, you can see wonderful landscapes that will take your breath away and most of the time you will meet some buddies like foxes, marmots, ibex, even deers !

And that’s for this reason Coraline & Philippe wanted to make their after wedding into the wild.

Be wild and be free ! The loneliness of the moment. They wanted to feel alive and small at the same time by the speechless 360° landscape.

So now, you can see the photographs of their after wedding just below !

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“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera…

they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson